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Olive is one of the most ancient plant in the world.

It appeared long before Christ in the Mediterranean Civilizations.

The ancient people created a symbol of mysticism and holiness from the olive tree, probably due to its extraordinary longevity: in fact they believed it was immortal.

Olive comes from the Latin " oliva ", name of the fruit. This precious and sacred tree is omnipresent in Greek mythology. Ulysses blinded Cyclops with an olive skate, he also made his bridal bed in its thousand year old tree. Athena, goddess of peace and wisdom, gave her name to the city of Athens, as an award for having given the first olive tree to the people of Attica.
Olive tree is a symbol of peace and honor.

The first Olympians competed, not for gold, silver and bronze medals, but for wreaths made of olive branches, and casks of Extra Virgin Oil.

In the ancient Greece, the most important citizens, the bravest leaders were crowned with the holy leaves of olive.

Olive tree symbolizes life.

The Bible contains many references to olives and olive oil.

After 40 days of deluge, the dove gave Noah a branch of olive tree.

It is also a symbol of peace in the Bible.

Olive tree is moreover symbolic of weddings and sexuality.

The Phoenicians, adventurous sailors of the ancient world, helped spread the olive tree on the Mediterranean shore and they teached the people that they visited during their periodic commercial journeys how to gain the oil from its fruits.

After it reached the Greek settlements in Southern Italy, the Romans extended the olive tree cultivation first to the rest of Italy and subsequently to the conquered territories: the Provence and the Iberian Peninsula.

Because of its location in Provence, Sophim is at the center of the main production of olive oil: Spain and Italy.

Benefits of Olive oil

During the last decades, the medical community has confirmed with certainty what had already been known empirically by the ancient civilizations.

When eaten, the benefits of olive oil are tremendous. It is rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants, which have excellent anti-oxidizing benefits. Olive oil helps prevent arterial sclerosis, it helps protect the brain from aging, it prevents cardiovascular diseases, it is only fatty food which promotes and maintains a good level of bone density in adult women (preventing osteoporosis), it decreases the viscosity of blood and lowers cholesterol levels.

When used for skin care, the benefits are excellent. It was in the ancient Egypt that olive was first used as cosmetics.

Olive oil has regenerating power on the skin tissue and has the ability to regulate the natural moisturizing system of the skin. Olive oil smooths and softens the skin and is great for stimulating and healing the skin by toning up and firming it.

In modern cosmetics, people hesitate to use directly olive oil, because of greasy feel and because of odor.

Sophim developed modern technologies in order to use the most interesting components of olive oil and proposes a whole range of products from olive oil origin for cosmetics:


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