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Jacques Margnat,
managing director,

"quality, competitivity and innovation are the main targets of my company"


Alexis Margnat,
export manager,

"Please call me or leave me a message,
from anywhere in the world
we will find a solution to give you satisfaction"

Dominique Vinet,
cosmetic manager,

Chemist engineer, Doctor in Chemistry, with 25 years of experience in cosmetic industry.


Georges Cecchi,

20 years in oleochemistry in the French Fats Institute (ITERG),
Associated Professor at the University of Marseilles/Saint-Jérôme.
"Nice for me to realize my chemistry's dreams, conceveing and producing new products with SOPHIM "

Jean-François Mallet,
quality control manager,

Doctor in chemistry.
There is no rest in my job
for giving satisfaction to the
requirements of our customers"


Christophe Blanc,
export and marketing,

DESS in International Business
"It is a pleasure to start in business
with a young and dynamic team"


Parc de la Cassine
04310 Peyruis - France
Tel : 33 4 92 33 17 17 - Fax : 33 4 92 33 17 18
E-mail : mail@sophim.com