Signs of dry skin

Dry skin is skin whose lipidic barrier is altered.

What factors aggravate dry skin?

Skin can become dry after a hot bath or shower, frequent use of soaps that attack the skin’s lipid surface and erode it, regular exposure to the sun, pollution… or simply low ambient humidity.
With age, the skin also becomes drier because the glands responsible for producing sebum are less active. Over time, the skin’s lipid layer regenerates less easily and quickly, due to the reduced production of squalene, present in the stratum corneum, an upper layer of the epidermis.

What are the symptoms of dry skin?

When skin is dry, it shows various symptoms: the epidermis can become rough, lose its suppleness, and feel tight. Dry skin can also cause itching, irritation, redness, or cracking.

Our ingredients for dry skin formulas

Dry skin has an altered lipid barrier. It is therefore important to respond to dry skin by rebuilding its lipid barrier, which acts as a protection against external agents, and which allows the skin to retain its natural moisture.

Different types of ingredients meet these needs:

The squalane proposed by SOPHIM, a natural emollient sourced from olives, has properties of regeneration of the skin barrier. With its protective action, olive squalane is an ideal moisturising ingredient to limit insensible water loss, and also has an important hydrating function that will help dry skin to regenerate.

Vegetable butters and cosmetic oils, generally with a high content of essential fatty acids, also have strong regenerating, nourishing and moisturising properties. Thus, our shea butter, organic or fair-trade, our argan, avocado or coconut oils, are perfectly incorporated in formulas intended for dry skin.


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