The new trends in well-ageing cosmetics


23 May 2024

Well-ageing cosmetics through the lens of body positivity The body positivity movement encourages acceptance and appreciation of all types of human bodies and teaches everyone to accept and view the natural ...

Sophim Ventures into Japan with Phytosqualan QD Grade


15 April 2024

The Numerous Cosmetic Benefits of Squalane Squalene is abundantly found in both the animal and plant kingdoms. In humans, for example, it is a component of sebum, the lipid film produced by the skin's ...

SOPHIM extends its influence in the nutraceutical industry with the acquisition of Novastell

Chemical expertise

9 April 2024

PRESS RELEASE: SOPHIM extends its influence in the nutraceutical industry with the acquisition of Novastell Contact us to learn more Peyruis, France, 08th April 2024 SOPHIM announces the acquisition ...

Distillation, an essential process for the production of cosmetic ingredients.


26 March 2024

Distillation in the production of olive squalane Squalane is a stable derivative of squalene, a molecule naturally present in many living organisms, both animal and plant. In humans, it is found in various ...

The emerging trends of cosmetics in 2024


22 February 2024

1. Natural trend: ingredients of vegetable and organic origin In our article on cosmetics looking ahead to 2025, we have already highlighted a strong expectation from consumers for healthier and more ...

Esterification, a process compatible with green chemistry

Chemical expertise

15 January 2024

Esterification, a step in the production process of olive squalane Sophim produces and markets a wide range of natural origin cosmetic ingredients. We carefully select our raw materials, favoring upcycling ...

A Necessary Quality Control for the Cosmetic Industry

Chemical expertise

21 December 2023

1. The Official Cosmetic Regulatory Bodies in France Unlike medications, cosmetic products do not require prior market authorization. Manufacturers must ensure that their products meet legislative and ...

OLIVE squalane versus SYNTHETIC squalane – Q&A

News > Squalane

16 October 2023

Squalene is one of the key components of the human sebum and the hydrolipidic film, which are responsible for integrity and healthy appearance of the skin. Squalene plays an essential role for the moisturization ...

SunCare: squalane as an ingredient in your after-sun care products

Cosmetics Expertise

28 August 2023

1. The effects of sunlight on the skin Visible light represents only a small part of the radiation emitted by the sun. In the non-visible spectrum, the sun emits three ultraviolet rays: UVA, UVB, and ...

SOPHIM completes a €20m funding round to accelerate its development


12 September 2023

SOPHIM, an international player at the service of green and innovative cosmetics Founded in 1996 and based in Peyruis (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), SOPHIM is a company specialising in the manufacturing of ...

70 years of squalane history: Why is olive squalane taking the lead?

News > Squalane

29 August 2023

1. Shark squalane disappeared in western countries So why extract squalene from liver oil from small sharks caught more than 300 meters deep? It was an industrial ease choice at the beginning of its use ...

Bliss, the moisturizing and soothing massage oil


31 July 2023

1. Bliss, the post-workout massage oil So, you’ve just finished a fitness class, been for a jog, or a bike ride? Or do you just want to relax after hours of walking or standing on public transport? ...

Footlose, the moisturizing foot mask


30 June 2023

1. Relieve tension after a workout or a long day Our feet accompany us in all our activities at home, work, or leisure and sporting activities. But do we take sufficient care of them? Skin can become ...

Frozen, the post-training soap with a refreshing effect


22 May 2023

Products for the well-being of athletes Every day, companies work to create products dedicated to well-being. Among the various target audiences, sportsmen and women require special attention due to their ...

Hotstuff, the muscle warming massage stick


27 April 2023

Cosmetics for sportspeople As we approach the Paris Olympics in 2024, sport is in the spotlight and many sporting disciplines are being popularised, to the delight of both experienced practitioners and ...

In-cosmetics : Sophim’s participation to the exhibition


31 March 2023

In-cosmetics, the internationally renowned cosmetics trade fair The In-cosmetics trade show is a reference in the world of cosmetics. Each year, this show brings together the major players in the sector ...

Launching your cosmetic brand: distribution of your products

Cosmetics Expertise

24 February 2023

Distribution: the final phase of your brand launch The good distribution of your cosmetic brand is the key to its profitability. Thus it is a factor that should not be neglected! Indeed, your product ...

Launching your cosmetic brand: the formulation of your products

Cosmetics Expertise

31 January 2023

Create a bill of specifications for your cosmetic formulation The formulation of a cosmetic product consists of creating a stable product with clearly identified properties by combining ingredients that ...

Launching your cosmetics brand: marketing positioning

Cosmetics Expertise

19 December 2022

1. An essential differentiating position in cosmetics Today, large groups dominate the cosmetics market, thanks to a strong cosmetics brand positioning. L'Oréal, Unilever and Estée Lauder are the undisputed ...

Halal cosmetics in question

Cosmetics Expertise

18 October 2022

Understanding the issues surrounding halal certification More than two billion people adhered to Islam worldwide in 2020, according to Muslims are looking for products that respect the ...

Vegan cosmetics in question

Cosmetics Expertise

27 September 2022

1. Understanding the vegan approach The vegan movement is mainly known to the general public on the subject of food. In reality, it is a global approach, which concerns a lifestyle. Veganism fights against ...


Cosmetics Expertise

23 August 2022

1. The COSMOS label, a must in cosmetics The COSMOS Standard was born from the international collaboration between several actors committed to the promotion of more natural and environmentally friendly ...

Why choose an ISO 9001 certified company for your cosmetic ingredients?

Cosmetics Expertise

29 July 2022

1. A necessary search for quality Providing quality products or services is an objective for many companies in all sectors. This commitment is also a key factor for success and ensures competitiveness ...

The INCI, an international nomenclature for cosmetic ingredients

Cosmetics Expertise

22 June 2022

1. Crucial issues around the composition of a cosmetic product Clearly communicating about the composition of a cosmetic product is essential for building trust with customers. Consumers looking for ...

Discover the differences between organic and natural cosmetics

Cosmetics Expertise

24 May 2022

1. Significant differences between natural and organic cosmetics The distinction between natural and organic cosmetics is simple: Natural cosmetic products contain a high proportion of natural ingredients ...

Sunset Sorbet, soothing face mask proposition by Sophim


13 May 2022

Demonstrate the qualities of our cosmetic ingredients Since 1996, Sophim has been producing healthy and natural cosmetic ingredients, and especially squalane, obtained from rigorously selected raw materials. ...

Meet Sophim at in-cosmetics 2022


29 March 2022

  Sophim's team will be delighted to welcome you on our stand, to present our latest orientation formulas, Sunset sorbet, a refreshing and soothing face mask, and Morning Smoothie, a ...

Cosmetics chemistry: Learn to decipher the ingredients !

Chemical expertise

25 March 2022

The main families of cosmetic ingredients Cosmetic formulation requires a high level of expertise. Specialised engineers and technicians must identify the various ingredients required and define the best ...

Sophim Iberia : News


11 February 2022

An incentive has been received from the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, of the Andalusian Government, for an amount of 228,043.78 €, 80% co-financed by the European Union through ...

Is squalane comedogenic ?

News > Squalane

21 January 2022

Comedogenic products not recommended for oily and combination skin The pores of the skin may be naturally clogged by the accumulation of skin or impurities, and by an excess of sebum. The skin does not ...

Is squalane better than hyaluronic acid in cosmetics ?

Cosmetics Expertise

25 November 2021

Restore your skin's natural moisture barrier with squalane, protecting your epidermis from environmental stressors, slowing down the aging process, and keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Hyaluronic ...

The benefits of squalane for the skin

Cosmetics Expertise

27 October 2021

Discover the benefits of squalane for the skin Squalene is a hydrocarbon, an organic compound containing exclusively carbon and hydrogen atoms. Less commonly known as spinacene or supraene, this isomer ...

Olive Squalane and Sugarcane squalane : decoding

News > Squalane

29 September 2021

Squalane, a beneficial molecule for the cosmetics industry Squalane is a branched hydrocarbon, a compound that contains only hydrogen and carbon atoms. It is derived from squalene, a terpene derivative ...

Sophim : teams, trades and skills in cosmetics

Chemical expertise

20 July 2021

But this success is also due to the skills of our collaborators, who daily throw themselves into the company to innovate, produce and commercialise ingredients of excellent quality, to meet the expectations ...

Waxes, emulsifiers and texturing agents in cosmetics

Chemical expertise

30 June 2021

Differences between emulsifiers and texturing agents Cosmetics formulations incorporate emulsifiers and texturing agents at the same time for different and complementary purposes. Obligatory emulsifiers ...

Sophim, a Cosmetic Valley company

Cosmetics Expertise

27 May 2021

France, a pioneer in modern perfumery and cosmetics The arts of perfumery and cosmetics have existed for millennia. The sweetest fragrances were already being used in ancient temples to honour the gods. ...

Upcycling in cosmetics

Chemical expertise

19 April 2021

From the linear economy to the circular economy The traditional economic model has long been based on a linear and extractive approach: Extraction of raw materials or production of agricultural resources; ...

Cosmetics increasingly sensitive to water resource issues

Cosmetics Expertise

19 March 2021

Managing this precious resource requires a strong commitment from political leaders, but also a collective effort by all, consumers as well as businesses, in which professionals in the cosmetics sector ...

8 good reasons to adopt olive squalane in cosmetics

News > Squalane

22 February 2021

1. Emollient products are indispensable in cosmetics Emollients play an essential role in skin hydration. By countering the effects of water evaporation, they help reduce Transepidermal Water Loss (or ...

Cosmetic formulas: the 2020 portfolio


29 January 2021

Extra Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, the hydro-alcoholic moisturizing gel Marked by the emergence of the Covid-19, the year 2020 saw the development of new hygiene rituals. Hand washing with hydro-alcoholic ...

Cosmetics by 2025 : challenges & trends

Cosmetics Expertise

21 December 2020

Covid-19: immediate international repercussions The year 2020 is closely linked to the emergence and then rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its consequences were abrupt and unprecedentedly sudden ...

What are the issues and challenges of solid cosmetics?

Cosmetics Expertise

26 November 2020

But professionals interested in solid cosmetics face real challenges if they want to be part of this new trend. How can they offer a sensory experience and effectiveness that is equivalent to classic formulations? ...

What challenges and actions exist when it comes to green cosmetics?

Chemical expertise

6 November 2020

Cosmetics have been undergoing profound change for several years now. Beyond fashion trends, stakeholders in our industry are wondering how to respond to the ecological and social challenges of the 21st ...

Opting for PEG-free cosmetic ingredients

Cosmetics Expertise

18 September 2020

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polypropylene glycol (PPG) are chemical compounds widely used in many cosmetic formulas. Originating from the petrochemical industry, they no longer meet the expectations ...

Cosmetics and European regulations: why produce in Europe?

Cosmetics Expertise

30 June 2020

What is the real value of European regulations? European or Community law is based on the principle of primacy. This means that it has a value greater than national laws: any State cannot therefore vote ...

Natural or synthetic squalane: which one to choose?


14 May 2020

The different manufacturing processes of squalane The squalane used by professionals in the cosmetic industry can come from several origins. Natural squalane Squalane can be produced by hydrogenation ...

Guided tour of our Peyruis site in France

Chemical expertise

14 May 2020

Why don't you visit our premises with us? Discover our head office in Peyruis, France and go behind the scenes at Sophim! A historic plant in Peyruis Created in 1986, our company is located today in ...

See you at Cosmet’Agora !


15 January 2020

2020, definitely focusing on « Clean Beauty » « Naturality, Efficacy, Unique Sensory feel : Sophim strengthens its position in Clean Beauty trend and confirms its Leadership by investing more than ...

Exhibitions: let’s meet each other’s


16 September 2019

Barcelona 23-24 October 2019 - Booth 126 : Meet our team during next Cosmetorium exhibition We will be very happy to discuss with you about our natural solutions for your Cosmetic formulas, and to present ...

Phytosqualan, a must have natural emollient for your cosmetic formulations

Cosmetics Expertise

8 August 2019

Squalene molecule is naturally present at different skin level. It is present in different plant sources too. Its hydrogenation into squalane, delivers a very stable ingredient, and very well tolerated, ...

Our engagements


21 June 2019

Our Affiliate, SOPHIM IBERIA, supports CAIXA program for vaccination, and fight against infant mortality in World poorest countries. This year, SOPHIM Iberia receives Silver Sponsorship medal for supporting ...

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