Skin elasticity and firmness

Over time, we can see fine lines of expression appear on the cheeks or at the outer corners of the eyes, we can also notice that the skin of the face becomes thinner, it becomes less flexible: it is what is called aging and sagging skin

This is a natural phenomenon: over time and with hormonal changes, the skin produces less collagen and elastin. Collagen supports our skin, it is this protein that keeps it firm. Elastin is also a protein, it provides elasticity to the skin and prevents loose skin. This process can also be accelerated by too much UV exposure, stress, diet, etc.

These factors, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, can be minimized by providing proper skin care. Sagging and aging of the skin can therefore be prevented.

Our ingredients to preserve skin elasticity and firmness

Sophim offers plant-based squalane ingredients that are particularly suitable for face or body care formulas. Squalane, an emollient with strong moisturizing properties and a non-greasy feel, is particularly suitable for formulating creams or serums intended for skin lacking firmness.

Indeed, derived from squalene, the lipid produced by our body, squalane reduces the Trans Epidermal Water Loss, and restores the lipid barrier, for better elasticity and firmness. We conducted a study with a panel of women aged 35 to 65 y.o. This study showed that after 28 days, a cream composed of 10% Phytosqualan had increased the elasticity and firmness of their skin by 3.9% and 4.9%, respectively.

Our ingredient Biophytosebum from olive has restorative and moisturizing properties, so it is ideal for face care formulation. This emollient, which is a natural alternative to silicones, is known to bring suppleness to the skin. 

Vegetable oils and cosmetic vegetable butters are also good allies for the prevention of sagging and skin aging. Rich in essential fatty acids, they are particularly suitable for formulating moisturizers for the face and body. Depending on the plant of origin of the oil or butter, other benefits can be highlighted : for instance, hemp oil has strong regenerating and firming properties, it is ideal for skin care dedicated to mature skin.

Phytowax, our natural waxes sourced from olives are recognized for their emollient properties. Much less occlusive than synthetic waxes, they bring sensoriality and texture to skin care.