Corporate Management

SOPHIM was founded by Jacques Margnat, soon joined by his son Alexis.

It’s a family adventure that’s been going strong since 1996, thanks to the experience of our managers, experts of their market from raw material purchasing to ingredient distribution channels.

Jacques Margnat, Chairman and CEO, and Alexis Margnat, General Manager


Our production team is passionate about and specialises in distillation, esterification and hydrogenation processes. Their technical know-how and planning skills enable them to meet the requirements of the cosmetics industry in a timely and sustainable manner.

“We carry out a number of industrial operations on a daily basis. Our tasks are varied – there’s never a dull moment. We have to make sure that our machines are well coordinated, that the processes run smoothly. Working in a team is also an essential aspect to the success of our work.”
Mathieu, Production Operator

Research and development

Our R&D team uses its expertise in green chemistry to create a more sustainable future. Its main objective is to develop ever more reliable, green and innovative chemical systems and processes.

In 2020, SOPHIM took part in the European IRODDI project, which aims to recover waste from the deodorisation process of vegetable oil refining.

“After obtaining a doctorate at the C.N.R.S., I was keen to carry out meaningful projects. As an organic chemist, I discovered the circular economy at SOPHIM, and I apply the principles of green chemistry to our processes. It’s a great source of motivation on a daily basis..”
Romain, R&D Manager


Our sales team works with our international partners to provide them with the keys that will enable them to meet their various challenges and is attentive to market demands.

Its main ambition is to perpetuate the relationships with our traditional partners and customers, and to guide and support new cosmetic companies in their search of more natural products.

“With more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, I am pleased to put my skills at the service of SOPHIM, a supplier of cosmetic ingredients strongly committed to sustainable development.”
Boris, Director SOPHIM Asia 

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing and Communication department was created in 2020, to seize the opportunities offered by digital marketing and develop the SOPHIM brand worldwide.

“Trained at some of France’s leading luxury Maisons, and a graduate of Paris-Dauphine University, I experienced at SOPHIM all the richness of marketing and communication. Digital, SEO, copywriting, CRM, events, data analysis, and creation confront me daily with constantly evolving challenges. This dynamic is a constant source of motivation!”
Cécile, Marketing & Communication Manager

Quality assurance

Our Quality Assurance team, driven by the desire to ensure constant excellence, actively dedicates itself to obtaining new certifications, thereby attesting to the quality of our ingredients. Their commitment aims not only to meet expectations but to surpass them, providing a superior experience for our clients and partners.

Regulatory monitoring, focused on ISO standards and their evolution, remains an essential component of their missions, ensuring rigorous compliance.

“My education in cosmetology and at ISIPCA has shaped my understanding of sensory and physico-chemical analyses. With enriching experience in major companies in the cosmetic industry, I take pride in satisfying our clients at SOPHIM by ensuring the quality of our ingredients, obtaining cutting-edge certifications, and continually striving for improvement.”
Morgane, Quality Assurance Manager