The structure of hair

Hair is essentially composed of keratin (95%), which protects and strengthens it. It is divided into two parts: the root and the hair shaft. The first is fed by blood vessels and contains the bulb which allows hair to grow. The second, considered a ‘dead’ part, is itself made up of the pith, the cortex and the cuticle.

Several hereditary factors influence hair types. The bulb gives hair its shape: the more curved it is, the more curly your hair will be; the melanin gives hair its colour.

The nature of hair varies according to the rhythm of life and the environment of an individual: it can be normal, greasy, dry… In order to preserve it in good health, it is important to provide it with suitable care.

It is the cuticle, the outermost part of the hair, which enables it to receive the care it needs. It is composed of layers of cells organised in scales, which when opened, allow the hair to be nourished.

Our hair care ingredients

Our squalane ingredients maintain the moisture content of the hair fibre while smoothing and coating it. With its non-greasy feel and emollient properties, squalane is ideal for formulating treatments for all hair types: textured, dry, dehydrated, and so on. The mineral equivalent of squalane, hydrogenated polyisobutene, emollient and sensorial, provides shine and softness to the hair, in similar proportions. This multifunctional oil is ideal for the development of economical hair formulas.

Silicones are widely used in hair care products because they provide a certain sensoriality and create a protective barrier for hair. However, they are not very biodegradable and therefore represent a potential pollution for the environment. Sophim therefore proposes a natural substitute for silicones, Biophytosebum. This olive-based emollient contributes to the formulation of creamy, non-greasy hair care products, which aim to repair dry ends and soothe the scalp. It also allows you to turn to more natural alternatives.

Our wide range of cosmetic vegetable oils and vegetable butters, rich in essential fatty acids and with a fraction of non-saponifiable matter, are particularly well suited for the creation of hair formulations. Our ingredients have many benefits for hair, which may vary depending on the plant used: in-depth nutrition, hydration, suppleness, etc. In addition, they add texture and consistency to hair care products. Mango butter, for example, is known for its nourishing properties and for its action in repairing hair fibre.

Our natural olive-based waxes are a sustainable and ethical alternative to synthetic or animal waxes. They are an asset for the sensoriality and texture of hair formulas.

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