Discover our team, our Peyruis factory, and the clean beauty values that SOPHIM holds dear Products from nature


SOPHIM is a family company founded in 1996, specialising in the manufacturing of natural ingredients for the cosmetic industry

SOPHIM is your reference partner for the manufacture of your natural and organic cosmetic products, certified and approved by COSMOS. Choose SOPHIM as your natural cosmetic ingredient supplier!

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23 May 2024

Well-ageing cosmetics through the lens of body positivity The body positivity movement encourages acceptance and appreciation of all types of human bodies and teaches everyone to accept and view the natural effects of ageing with a kind eye. Cosmetic ...

15 April 2024

The Numerous Cosmetic Benefits of Squalane Squalene is abundantly found in both the animal and plant kingdoms. In humans, for example, it is a component of sebum, the lipid film produced by the skin's sebaceous glands, which serves a dual function of ...

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Cosmetic ingredients supplier since 1996

SOPHIM is a family-owned company, expert in the cosmetic ingredients manufacturing.
Those ingredient, dedicated to the Personal and Beauty Care industry, are raw materials manufactured thanks to oleochemisry. Those ingredients are to be integrated to skin care products (day cream, night cream, serums…), colour cosmetics, hair products (hair care, shampoo, conditionner, styling waxes…), or sun and after-sun care.

As a cosmetic ingredient supplier, our range offers a variety of products such as:

  • natural emollients (squalane, squalene from olive),
  • texture agents (vegetable natural waxes, natural alternative to petroleum jelly…),
  • vegetable oils,
  • vegetable cosmetic butters

Many of our materials are available in an organic version, and a large part of our porfolio are labeled from well-known certifications, ensuring the best quality in cosmetics (COSMOS, ECOCERT, HALAL…)

SOPHIM is more than a portfolio of cosmetic ingredients. SOPHIM is a cosmetic ingredient supplier with many expertises :

  • Chemical expertise : the heart of our business is oleochemistry, or chemistry of fatty substances, and more particularly the hydrogenation of squalene into squalane. An expertise that the company has been providing for the satisfaction of its customers since 1996.
  • Naturalness Expertise : SOPHIM’s main mission is to promote natural beauty, through the production of quality cosmetic ingredients, extracted from nature and organic if possible. Our main raw material is olives, and especially olive oil, whose refining condensates we upcycle.
  • Industry expertise : our factory on the Peyruis site, which has been in existence since 1996, allow an intagrated manufacture of our ingredients, in France, for international customers, from the United States to China & Europe.
  • Circular economy and Upcycling exertise : SOPHIM offers its international suppliers and customers a lasting relationship, responsible production, with upcycling as a business model, i.e. the production of squalane from waste from the production of olive oil. This circular economy model, which has been our success for 25 years, guarantees our customers an expert response to the cosmetics challenges of tomorrow.
  • Partnership expertise : With a network of more than 40 distributors around the world, SOPHIM supports its business partners by offering them orientation formulations developed with our ingredients, to illustrate the versatility of their applications, both in skin care and hair products for example.
  • Local expertise : Based in France, but also in Spain, in the heart of olive groves and our raw material, the olive, SOPHIM pays particular attention to this noble, renewable and sustainable resource, and ensures the quality of its suppliers.

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