Fixing Makeup

Many factors can cause makeup to hold poorly during the day: skin type, heat, daily life … Indeed, for combination skin and oily skin, or in summer, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum . It is this excess, which usually occurs on the forehead, wings of the nose and chin, that tends to cause makeup to migrate.

In cosmetics, and more particularly in the formulation of makeup products, it is important to provide products that will not leak over the course of the day.

Our ingredients to fix makeup

Sophim offers hydrogenated polyisobutene, a polymer that is used in many cosmetic applications as the base for a multifunctional oil. It has emollient properties close to those of vegetable squalane, and is also recognized as a fixing agent.

Hydrogenated polyisobutene comes in different grades: lower molecular weight and higher molecular weight. Depending on its molecular weight, hydrogenated polyisobutene will be more or less viscous and sticky.
Sophim offer two grades :

The first, MC30, of low molecular weight, is recognized for its strong emollient and sensory properties. Particularly recommended in the formulation of make-up products, it adds texture to finished products.

The second, MC300, of high molecular weight, is renowned for its film-forming properties and its resistance to water. This fixing agent is a good ally for the formulation of make-up products: it makes it possible to reinforce their hold, and serves as a binder to improve the dispersion of pigments.

Vaseline, known for its moisturizing and hydrophobic properties, helps create a protective layer on the skin’s surface. Found in many cosmetic products, however, it is not of natural origin. This is why Sophim offers two grades of a plant-based alternative to petroleum jelly : Vegeline 65 and Vegeline 70. These natural emollients are particularly recommended in the formulation of lipsticks or foundations, for instance. Indeed, they add texture to formulas, and their film-forming properties improve the hold of makeup.

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