Sophim MC30

Sophim MC30

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene is a multifunctional oily base used in many cosmetic applications, offering excellent feel, ease of spreading and penetration as well as hydrophobic properties.

MC30 is particularly recommended in hair care formulations to provide shine and silky feel in addition to maximum moisturising.

MC30 is also recommended in lipstick, gloss and mascara formulations to provide hold and shine as well as in foundation formulations.

Sophim MC300

Sophim MC300

MC300 is a hydrogenated polyisobutene of high molecular weight, used in particular as a fixating agent in cosmetic applications.


Different types of Hydrogenated Polyisobuten

Hydrogenated Polyisobuten is a polymer of aliphatic structure also called “liquid isoparaffin” (Japanese name).
Hydrogenated Polysiobuten can be of different molecular weigh, which determines the viscosity and consistency of the ingredient :

  • inferior molecular weigh is semi-liquid and viscuous,
  • superior molecular weigh is more solid and elastic.

Interest of Hydrogenated Polyisobuten in cosmetics

In cosmetic, on the make-up and personal care market, it is an ideal versatile ingredient to bring emollience and/or texture to your formulas while controlling your formulation costs.
The inferior molecular weigh Hydrogenated Polyisobuten has similar properties to squalane, like restoring the skin suppleness and preventing the insensible water loss. It brings a smoothing aspect to the skin and increases the dispersion of pigments. Thanks to its non greasy-feel and soft texture, it brings sensoriality to your formulas.

The high molecular weigh Hydrogenated Polyisobuten is a waterproofing agent and fixating agent. It also enhances SPF retention after water exposure, which makes it easy to be integrated into sunscreen products.

Thanks to these various properties, Hydrogenated Polyisobuten is recommended in diverse cosmetic formulations, especially in make-up products such as gloss, lipsticks, lip balms, eye dedicated products such as mascara, or BB cream etc., as well as in hair products, in particular hair styling waxes. It is also recommended in facial care applications including aftershave gels and balms. This ingredient also brings sensoriality in cosmetics formulations, especially to care products.