100% vegetable-based texturing emollient as alternative to Petrolatum, Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin and other petrochemical raw materials.



The use of vegetable oils, butters and waxes allows the development of competitive, powerful and comfortable finished products, which are both consumer-friendly and environment-friendly, instead of raw materials derived from petroleum. Thanks to its experience in the field of “green chemistry” and the manufacture of natural ingredients, Sophim has designed VEGELINE : a new vegetable ingredient for replacing petrolatum or petrochemical bases in personal care and beauty products. It is composed by castor oil and carnauba wax in order to offer benefits not only to the formulation but also to the skin.



VEGELINE is a 100% vegetable alternative to petrolatum with similar texturing effects but improved properties for cosmetic use:

  • moisture retaining effect, preventing the TEWL (trans epidermal water loss).
  • soft during use, it has sensorial properties and smooth after-feel like vegetable butters.
  • water resistant function offered by the original blend of castor oil and carnauba wax.
  • emollient with nice skin feel, much less greasy than petrolatum and no sticky residual effect.
  • film forming properties for long-lasting effect  and skin protection.
  • thickening agent for the oily phase of the formulation, it gives structure, consistency and viscosity to finished products.
  • non irritant, non comedogenic, VEGELINE has better skin compatibility than petrochemical oils or polymers.



Thanks to its composition and its nice texturing properties, VEGELINE is recommended for:

  • Natural emollient in skin care (moisturizing creams, after-shower lotions, body milks)
  • Moisturizer for lip care (lip balms, lip creams, lipstics)
  • Nourishing base in hair care (conditioners, creamy shampoos, gels, waxes)
  • Skin protective agent in sun care (sunscreens, hydrating after-sun lotions)
  • It gives nice consistency into decorative products, foundations and make-up.

2 grades are available : CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE VISCOSITY

  • VEGELINE 65 : drop melting point 62°C - 72°C              
  • VEGELINE 70 : drop melting point 65°C - 75°C

Product packed in 25 kg buckets, optimal shelf life 24 months, free samples upon request.