Sophim MC300

Sophim MC300

MC300 is a hydrogenated polyisobutene of high molecular weight, used in particular as a fixating agent in cosmetic applications. Order sample...


Fixating and thickening agents will greatly contribute to the correct performance of your formula.

Depending on the type of application, thickening and fixative agents play different roles:
In sun care formulas, they contribute to the water-resistance of the formula and thus guarantee better effectiveness of the product as well as a better hold over time;
In make-up products, they ensure proper dispersion of pigments and thus enhance their intensity. They also strengthen the texture of lipsticks and other lip balms.
In hair care, they help strengthen the performance of styling waxes.

SOPHIM, a manufacturer of natural ingredients for cosmetics, offers an MC300 fixating agent, a very versatile compound with the following characteristics:

  • Film-forming properties acting on insensitive water loss
  • Stabilising agent
  • Pigment dispersion support
  • Non-greasy feel
  • Water-resistant properties