Products for the well-being of athletes

Every day, companies work to create products dedicated to well-being. Among the various target audiences, sportsmen and women require special attention due to their specificities. On the occasion of the Paris Olympic Games in 2024, professionals in the cosmetics world are studying in depth the three pillars of well-being: physical, mental and emotional. By focusing their strategy on these three pillars, companies are creating products that truly meet the expectations of their consumers. In an ever-changing world, it is important to be particularly attentive to customers in order to target their needs.

A ritual throughout the exercise

In order to meet the growing demand for well-being among sportsmen and women, we have developed 4 application formulas which constitute a real ritual that will accompany sportspeople throughout their practice. This relaxation and well-being ritual consists of a heating stick, Hotstuff, a soap with a cooling effect, Frozen, a relaxing and moisturising foot mask, Footlose, and finally a massage oil, Bliss.

By using these products one after the other at a specific time during physical activity, sportsmen and women benefit from the many virtues of the different components of each product.


Frozen, a unique soap for a relaxing shower

Let’s focus on Frozen, the soap that comes second in the order of sport rituals. After applying the Hotstuff heating stick and carrying out the sports session, a good shower is essential! This is where Frozen soap comes in. This soap aims to create a fresh feeling on the skin in the shower thanks to two of its components: menthol and menthyl lactate.

This product benefits from a pleasant spread and a unique sensoriality thanks to Phytowax®, a vegetable wax originating from the olive (present at 5% in the formulation). This vegetable wax combined with the different oils used (coconut, cucumber and olive oil in particular) gives the soap an effective emollient action and a pleasant sensoriality to the product.
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More than a classic shower, it is a real moment of balance, well-being and relaxation that this soap offers. With a 36% of organic ingredients, its formulation is healthy and aware of the challenges of modern cosmetics. Enjoy a refreshing shower with quality products before continuing your wellness ritual for sportsmen.

Sophim, your cosmetic ingredients supplier

Sophim offers 36% of the ingredients present in Frozen soap. As a supplier of ingredients for cosmetic formulation, we make everything to provide you with quality components of natural origin, certified by the best cosmetic labels. Are you looking for new ingredients for your cosmetic brand? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (+33)4 92 33 17 17 or via our Contact section in order to discover our entire catalogue and discuss with specialists in the sector.

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