Why don’t you visit our premises with us? Discover our head office in Peyruis, France and go behind the scenes at Sophim!

A historic plant in Peyruis

Created in 1986, our company is located today in Peyruis, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Since 1995, Sophim has been established in the Industrial Park of La Cassine. Covering two hectares, this historic site houses the head office and strategic operations.

Cosmetic ingredients research and development laboratory

The R&D laboratory develops the ingredients that go into the composition of many cosmetic products. Research and development prepares our future by designing innovative formulas and products that are increasingly committed to sustainable cosmetics.

The production site boasts expertise in oleochemistry and more specifically integrates molecular distillation, fractionation, esterification and hydrogenation processes.

The sales and marketing teams are also located in Peyruis. They promote our range of ingredients; they explain and promote the values and commitments of our brand.

The head office also houses all the support services that contribute to our competitiveness and performance. Financial, administrative and HR services play an essential role in ensuring dynamic and healthy economic development, while offering each employee a supportive work environment and favourable career prospects.

In February 2020, 45 employees were working on our Peyruis site in Provence. Our teams will be expanding in the coming months and years to support our growth: we regularly recruit professionals to support the development of our business.

The main shareholders of this family company are Mr Jacques Margnat and his three children. This configuration ensures long-term visibility. This sustainability creates a favourable climate for investments in the service of the quality and accessibility of our ranges of ingredients, but also in the service of strategies rooted in the long term.

A 365-day-a-year business

Peyruis is a real hub, where many trades and multiple skills intersect. Production operators, technicians and engineers work on the production site, at the factory of course, but also in the research and development laboratory, which is staffed in particular by doctors working in speciality chemistry. They work with other professionals in administrative services.

The operators work in 5 x 8 shifts, ensuring production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The strategic position of Peyruis

Why choose the Durance valley, between Sisteron and Manosque, as a location in which to set up? This rural area of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence has many advantages.

The proximity of the A51 motorway facilitates supply and logistics for the Peyruis site. The A7 motorway, the main communication axis between northern and southern Europe, is only 90 kilometres away.

The Aix-en-Provence TGV station is less than 100 kilometres away, the Marseille Provence international airport is 110 kilometres away, and the Autonomous Port of Marseille is 120 kilometres away. In less than an hour, our products and our employees have access to the best road, rail, air and port infrastructures in France and Europe!

A small Provencal village in the Val de Durance, Peyruis offers a remarkable living environment close to remarkable sites such as the Gorges du Verdon and the ski resorts of the Southern Alps. This privileged location appeals to experienced professionals, looking for an alternative environment to that offered by large cities. Attracted by the prospects offered by SOPHIM and the Cosmetics industry, they choose Provence in which to write a new page of their professional and personal project.

A long French cosmetic tradition

France is today the world leader in cosmetics, with a 23% market share worldwide (Astérès study for the FEBEA – 2019). This success can be explained in particular by a very long tradition of expertise, with some companies dating back to the 16th century. Cities such as Grasse, capital of the perfume industry, and the regions of Île-de-France and Occitania, are home to many growing companies that consume the cosmetic ingredients produced by Sophim. This dense and diverse economic fabric revitalises the job market: our regions have competent, well-trained and experienced candidates. The choice of a location in Peyruis allows us to rely on a buoyant sector with a “made in France” image that appeals to people all over the world!

Why don’t you come and visit us?

Are you a professional looking for the best cosmetic ingredients? Come visit our head office in Peyruis! Contact our sales department (+33492331717)  today, and we will show you our premises, our facilities and our product ranges.

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