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As we approach the Paris Olympics in 2024, sport is in the spotlight and many sporting disciplines are being popularised, to the delight of both experienced practitioners and novices. This focus on sport as a whole is accompanied by a growing desire among the population to take care of themselves and their physical as well as their mental health. To accompany sportsmen and women in their daily lives, more and more cosmetic brands are working to support the search for well-being through the alliance between sport and specific cosmetics.

To achieve this, brands focus their strategy on 3 pillars: the physical, the mental and the emotional. If the physical well-being is achieved through a sports session and the use of effective cosmetics, the mental aspect is achieved through the use of cosmetic products with a so-called “conscious” formula (oriented towards the future with a healthier composition), while the emotional aspect is targeted through the sensoriality of the product in contact with the skin. By optimising these three pillars, the well-being of the athlete is improved and his or her practice is enhanced.

Hotstuff, the heating stick for muscle preparation

In their quest for well-being, the Sophim experts have developed a range of products designed to accompany sportsmen and women throughout their practice, before and after the effort. Thus, we have created Hotstuff, the first product in a ritual that is part of a holistic approach to beauty.

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Hotstuff comes in the form of a small solid stick that melts on contact with the skin. This stick is composed of 60% oil phase, of which 54.5% is vegetable squalane, Sophim’s flagship product with moisturising power and many other virtues, and vegetable oils, notably apricot oil, known for its good spreading properties. The oils contained in the stick are solidified with the help of various vegetable butters (jojoba butter, sweet almond butter, carnauba wax) serving as a binder, and return to their liquid form thanks to the natural heat of the skin.

The advantage of the stick is that it deposits just the right amount of product on your skin and allows for a localised application. The mechanical action of the massage combined with the active heating ingredient and essential oil of wintergreen create a warming effect that prepares the muscle for exercise. The emollient texture of the product glides easily over the skin for a pleasant application, and the touch is non-greasy, in addition to ensuring optimal hydration thanks to the squalane.

Sophim has brought together the best of its components in a single product to give every athlete a unique experience that is both sensory and body friendly. Enjoy easy spreading, optimal penetration of the product into the skin, and a pleasant warmth when massaging your muscles. Please note that the feeling of warmth may vary depending on the skin type and the application of the product.


The ritual of sportsmen and women in search of well-being

In order for each sportsman to benefit from a moment of personal care before and after the effort, Sophim has developed a line of products intended to improve muscular comfort during sports practice. 

Thus, we propose 4 formulas forming a complete ritual, before and after the muscular effort. Hotstuff starts the ritual, followed by Frozen, a refreshing solid soap, Footlose, a hydrating and relaxing foot mask, and finally Bliss, a massage oil for complete muscle relaxation after exercise.


Sophim, your natural and organic ingredients supplier

Sophim not only provides you with fully formulated products, but also assists you in the formulation of your own cosmetic brand. The group’s experts will guide you through the development of your new formulas with products of natural, healthy and certified origin

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NB : the proposed formula is an application formula intended to illustrate the behaviour of our ingredients in our finished products. It is not intended for sale and the user is required to observe the precautions for use on the sample packaging. 

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