The development of any cosmetic formulation must evaluate the comedogenic power of the formula, and thereby that of its component ingredients.

The comedogenic rating is measured on a scale of 1 to 5.

An occlusive agent forms as a tight film on the skin. It is therefore used in cosmetic formulations to preserve the hydration of the epidermis since it retains water on the surface of the skin. This is beneficial for dry skin, or when exposed to external factors that may disturb the hydrolipidic balance.

However, by so doing, the occlusion may also lead to the clogging of pores, preventing the proper evacuation of sebum.

Mixed oily skin, with imperfections, will be very sensitive to the comedogenic power of the proposed formulation: a strong comedogenicity prevents the proper evacuation of sebum and consequently causes the obstruction of the skin’s pores, and an inflammation of the surrounding tissues, thereby provoking the appearance of comedones and blackheads; on the other hand, sensitive skin, and skin little prone to imperfections, will support high comedogenic ratings much better. The higher the occlusive power of the ingredient, with a tendency to clog the skin’s pores, the higher its comedogenic rating will be.

The ingredients of our range have very low comedogenic ratings due to their composition, which gives them non-occlusive properties, and a strong affinity with the skin.

Our ingredients will therefore be suitable for a wide variety of applications, including facial care applications.

The following ingredients of our range are particularly recommended for the development of your formulations for oily skin, or skin with imperfections:

Phytosqualan®, an emollient with a unique sensory power 

Biophytosebum®,an incomparable affinity with the skin, for velvety touches

Phytowax®,a complete range of natural waxes for exquisite sensations

Cosmetic vegetable oils, to deeply nourish your skin: a wide variety of organic cosmetic oils to meet your different needs, such as:

Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Baobab Oil, Camellia Oil, Hemp Oil, Cucumber Oil, Pomegranate Oil, etc.