But this success is also due to the skills of our collaborators, who daily throw themselves into the company to innovate, produce and commercialise ingredients of excellent quality, to meet the expectations of the market and anticipate future trends. We invite you to discover today the different trades and numerous savoir-faire that contribute to Sophim’s success.

Sales representative : to develop our sales network

As a French family company, strongly established in France and in Spain, Sophim managed to conquer Europe and the world thanks to a network of collaborators and distributors present in many countries.

The sales department is in the heart of this dynamic. It guides and supports this network with great reactivity, by providing answers to the different questions that are asked, by regularly sending supports to accompany the distribution of our ingredients, and by managing the signed contracts. A commercial newsletter highlights the different opportunities on the cosmetics market.

Our collaborators also create a projected calendar of the orders, make a market monitoring and a competitive benchmark.

The professionalism and involvement of our sales department enable us to go in search of new markets and new clients while guaranteeing the satisfaction of our historical partners.

Sales administration : to provide the best reactivity

When the sales department signs a new contract, the sales administration takes over to provide to each client the best reactivity. This essential department has a double role.

Sales administration is in charge of the preparation of orders. A collaborator is in charge of the billing and the delivery form that is given to the warehouse clerk. A complete monitoring of the order is made in order to meet the expectations of a complex trade which has a very precise regulation. For example, our procedures and the professionalism of our team enable you to automatically receive a certificate of origin and a complete certificate of analysis, what makes your administrative procedures more fluid and simple.

Logistics is the other main skill of sales administration. It is in charge of the sending of orders as well as the management of relations with transporters and Incoterms for international sales. If the client directly comes to pick up its order at Sophim’s, our collaborator provides them with all the information and the necessary indications. Dimensions of the pallets, packaging of the product, required documents… The Adv team makes sure your products travel in the best conditions.

Marketing : communicate better to sell better

The marketing department has a key role to create the image of Sophim and communicate better on our values, our strengths our different products.

Traditional marketing remains as a major part of its activity. An active competitor monitoring is made, and we settle actions of public relations to improve our visibility thanks to articles that are published in the press.

Sophim accompanies the new behaviors of its clients and partners, but the company is also present on digital media. Our marketing team communicates through our website, improving its performance and enhancing its content. It also works on the visibility of the brand on search engines and social media.

Punctual support to commercial teams is also part of its duty. Thus, the marketing department sets up support for our partners and writes the quarterly commercial newsletter.

Production & Maintenance : in the heart of our added value

Usine sophim

To ensure the fabrication of quality cosmetic ingredients, Sophim can rely on a Production and Maintenance centre. With about twenty collaborators, it has a key role in our value chain.

The projected calendar of raw materials to produce is the key for a fluid and high quality production. An excellent organisation and a good coordination between the teams are mandatory for an optimal utilisation of the machines depending on the orders, and to avoid any mix between raw materials, which would lead to a complete cessation of the production line. The Production & Maintenance department shows a permanent proactivity to anticipate and resolve potential blockades, and to make the production process more fluid.

The reprocessing of waste also leans on the collaborators of the Production and Maintenance department. Sophim, which carries environmental values, is highly involved in this sector.

Our workers, technicians and engineers also ensure the maintenance of our industrial parc, and participate in the projects of development of our productive tool.

The excellent organisation and the great implication of our team enabled us to cope with an incredible demand during the spring of 2021, to satisfy our clients as soon as possible.

Purchase of raw materials : price and quality

Sophim’s range contains principally cosmetic ingredients extracted from plants. We also innovate to use natural raw materials that are hardly ever used by the cosmetic industry and to implement new procedures such as the upcycling.

To secure our supplies of provisions is strategic. Our Purchase of raw materials department implemented for several decades long-term relations with trustworthy partners.

In parallel of the consolidation of this network of historical partners, we rely on our expertise of the market and our commercial skills to search and buy the best raw materials, at the best price.

Research and development : to innovate for a sustainable cosmetic field

laboratoire sophim

The promotion of cosmetic ingredients produced from natural sources requests a long and complex work of innovation. The Research and Development department is in charge of several missions that are essential to upkeep of Sophim between the best companies of the market.

The R&D department develops new products, more and more environmentally aware and carrying about the health of the consumers. PHYTOSQUALAN, a natural squalane extracted from olives is, for example, the result of the incredible work of our chemists, engineers and technicians teams. It provides a more ecological alternative to petrochemical squalane while responding to the highest standards.

Our teams also work on the optimization of production processes. Thus, we can reduce our manufacturing costs, limit our environmental impact and improve our standards of quality. These innovations enable us to use new raw materials to diversify and  secure our sources of supply.

Our Research and Developments department participates in IRODDI European project, which promotes innovations around the use of the distillates of deodorized vegetable oils.

Quality control : to meet a high required level

The trust relation we maintain with our clients is based on the high level of quality and the constancy of our products. To tend toward a faultless product requires a permanent vigilance at each step of the value chain. Our department dedicated to the quality control is involved during the whole process, at the receipt of the raw materials, during the production and just before the sending of the product to our clients.

Quality Insurance : to increase recognition

The cosmetics sector is based on complex and demanding regulations, and different certifications come to reinforce the visibility of the operators of the market.

Our quality insurance manager ensures a strict monitoring and the conformity of the processes of the company to national, European and international legislation. The manager also looks for new certifications to reinforce the legitimacy and visibility of Sophim.

This person also ensures that all our processes and functioning satisfy entirely our clients and partners. Its action has been decisive for the procurement of the ISO9001:2015 norm about quality management systems.

Hygiene Security Environment (HSE) : working conditions and sustainable development

The Hygiene Security Environment department has a key role to enable all our collaborators to work in the best conditions. It ensures the respect of hygiene conditions and security at work, and implements prevention and awareness actions for the employees. It can therefore offer formations about fire risks and the good reflexes to adopt.

The societal responsibility of companies is in the heart of Sophim’s approach. The HSE manager established our politics of respect of the environment. The manager determines our carbon footprint and establishes the balance of our greenhouse gas emissions. The manager also suggests concrete initiatives such as the establishment of recycling bins. Since December of 2020, Sophim recycled 90 kilograms of paper!

Direction and administrative services : to bring together and supports energies

This slideshow of skills that constitute the DNA of Sophim wouldn’t be complete without mentioning all the jobs that contribute to the human, economic and financial management of our company: human resources, accounts department, realisation of administrative tasks, we can rely on skilful and involved collaborators to complete successfully these missions.

Our success and the quality of our working environment owe a lot to our partners, suppliers and service providers. Not forgetting our Direction, which coordinates the strategic activity of Sophim.

Clients, collaborators or partners : join Sophim !

You are looking for plant-based cosmetic ingredients that are produced according to the highest standards of quality? You are a supplier of raw materials of natural origin intended to cosmetics? You have skills that can match with our trades? You can reach your usual interlocutor in Sophim or contact us by phone at (+33)4 92 33 17 17, or send us a message. We will exchange about your expectations and our solutions.

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