SOPHIM, an international player at the service of green and innovative cosmetics

Founded in 1996 and based in Peyruis (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), SOPHIM is a company specialising in the manufacturing of natural ingredients for the cosmetic industry, distributed in more than 60 countries. Present in France, Spain and Asia, this family company supports its customers in their transition to greater naturality by offering ingredients that are essentially of natural, renewable and competitive origin.

Transcending fads, SOPHIM has chosen green and sustainable cosmetics since its creation. One of its flagship products, PHYTOSQUALAN, is a squalane that is 100% of vegetable origin, made from olives. Developed in the company’s R&D laboratory, the production of squalane follows the principles of the circular economy, by recovering olive fatty acids, a raw material that had been poorly recovered and whose local supply is preferred by SOPHIM to reduce its carbon footprint.

SOPHIM has thus established itself as a reference partner for the manufacture of innovative cosmetic products, of natural origin, the majority of which are approved by the COSMOS label.

€20m in financing to become a world leader in its market

In order to accelerate its growth, SOPHIM has finalised a €20m funding round, with the aim of moving from the size of a small-to-medium company to that of a mid-cap. As the exclusive shareholder of this funding round, Smalt Capital reiterates its confidence in this company, which it has been supporting since 2014 and whose values it shares.

This collaboration of nearly 10 years illustrates the long-term and local investor position that characterises the management company. A committed investor and fully involved in the economic and social development of its region, Smalt Capital is convinced that companies such as SOPHIM that take ESG criteria into account in their development strategy will have the best growth prospects.


We have found in Smalt Capital a trusted partner, who shares our values and supports our ambitions,” says Jacques Margnat, President of SOPHIM. This investment will allow us to double our production capacity at our two industrial sites, to meet strong demand for our products, especially internationally. ”

In our rapidly growing environment, sustainable development must remain a priority,” adds Alexis Margnat, Managing Director of SOPHIM. Ecological responsibility is at our heart and has always been an essential element in the development of our business project.” »

 “We are proud to continue the adventure with SOPHIM“, says Julien Jorge, manager at Smalt Capital. “Beyond purely financial criteria, the human, collective and ecological dimension occupies a central place in SOPHIM’s corporate culture. We are confident in the company’s ability to build on its competitive advantages to establish itself as a leader in its field.” »