1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text, image or software files that are placed and stored on your terminal when you visit a website. Cookies enable a website to recognize you, to indicate that you have visited a particular page and to provide you with an additional service, such as improving your browsing comfort, securing your connection or adapting the content of a page to your interests. The information stored by cookies, for a limited period of validity, includes the pages you visit, the advertisements you click on, the type of browser you use, your IP address, and the information you enter on a site so that you don’t have to re-enter it.

2. Cookies issued by third parties

Certain third-party companies may issue cookies from certain areas accessible on our site. The issue and use of Cookies by these companies are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties, and we have no control over these Cookies.

3. What cookies do we use?

When you connect to our site, we may install various Cookies on your terminal to enable us to recognize your browser for the duration of the Cookie’s validity, and to enable us to:
– compile statistics and volumes of visits and use, enabling us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services;
– adapt the presentation of our site to your terminal’s display preferences (e.g. language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.);
– to store information relating to a form you have filled in on our site;
– adapt our offer to your browsing on our site and to your centers of interest in order to provide you with recommendations of products and services;
– to adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal in our advertising spaces according to the personal data you have provided or your browsing on our sites.

Non-exhaustive list of cookies subject to consent on the website:
– Linkedin: if accepted, this cookie enables us to identify visitors coming from Linkedin.
– Google Analytics: if accepted, this cookie enables us to analyze the audience for our site.
– Youtube: if accepted, this cookie enables us to play Youtube videos on our site.
– Facebook Pixel: if accepted, this cookie enables us to identify visitors coming from Facebook.

4. Your cookie choices

By continuing your browsing on our Site, you accept the deposit of cookies on your terminal. You can reverse this decision at any time, free of charge, by deactivating cookies using the options available to you in your browser software. If you have accepted the storage of cookies on your terminal, the cookies integrated into the pages and content you have consulted may be stored temporarily in a dedicated space on your terminal. They will be readable only by their sender. To express or reconsider your choices with regard to cookies, please refer to the help menu or the dedicated section of your browser.

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On our website, you can modify your preferences at any time by clicking on the blue “Manage your preferences about cookies” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of every page.

5. Refusing cookies

Any settings you make may affect your Internet browsing experience and your ability to access certain functions, which are nevertheless necessary for browsing certain areas of our site: for example, – if you attempt to access our content or services that require you to be identified, – when we or our service providers are unable to recognize, for technical purposes, the type of browser used by your terminal, its language and display settings, or the country from which your terminal appears to be connected to the Internet. We would like to inform you that the refusal to install or the deletion of Cookies necessary for proper navigation on our site may result in the impaired functioning of our services. This choice, which is personal to you, is made at your own risk and its consequences cannot be considered as being our fault.


6. More information on cookies

For a better understanding and control of cookies from all sources, and not just those used on our site, we invite you to consult the following website: