1. A necessary search for quality

Providing quality products or services is an objective for many companies in all sectors. This commitment is also a key factor for success and ensures competitiveness in the short, medium and long term. 

a. Objectives of ISO 9001

But what actions should be taken to improve and standardise the quality of a production? ISO 9001 lists and explains the different criteria that apply to a quality management system. Any organisation or company, whatever its size or sector of activity, can apply these requirements. In 2022, ISO 9001 certification is present in more than 170 countries, and has been issued to more than one million companies and organisations.

In the cosmetics industry, many actors wish to commit to continuous improvement, in order to better meet the expectations of their partners and customers, in BtoB or BtoC. ISO 9001 standard is a strong reinsurance factor, even more so in a business-to-business approach.

b. Get ISO 9001 certification

ISO, International Organisation for Standardisation, sets the rules for the various ISO standards. It is an independent, non-governmental international organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. Its members are national standards bodies, and they represent ISO in their countries. In France, this mission is entrusted to the AFNOR (French Standardisation Association). You can refer to the official website to learn more about the association and its missions.

2. The 7 principles of quality management

The Quality Management Principles document explains 7 main quality management principles that form the backbone of ISO 9001 certification.

1. A customer orientation

The primary objective of quality management is to satisfy the requirements of its customers as well as possible, and to provide responses that anticipate their expectations in order to provide them with the best service. The actions to be undertaken concern the entire customer relationship, from prospecting to follow-up.

ISO 9001 certification is in line with our values and commitments. At Sophim, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy and our objectives. From product innovation and production processes, to raw material selection, quality control, marketing and follow-up, every step of our value chain is focused on the expectations of cosmetic brands and their consumers.

2. A focus on leadership

A continuous quality improvement process requires appropriate governance, which has the necessary agility while maintaining a long-term vision. Leadership makes it possible to identify the objectives to be achieved, while involving employees and providing them with the technical, behavioural and managerial solutions to meet these challenges.

Sophim, a family-owned company based in France and Spain, works to improve the skills of its employees. Production, research and development, quality assurance, sales and support functions, all our teams are aware of quality issues. 

3. Staff involvement

Continuous quality improvement is only possible with the participation of all employees. The involvement of the staff is one of the founding elements of ISO 9001 certification. Improved internal communication, actions to promote the company culture, the reinforcement of a common set of values, active listening and the sharing of knowledge and experience encourage the mobilisation of all around a common project.

Sophim places people at the heart of its DNA. We have strong values, those of a cosmetic that is more respectful of nature and health, and we share this vocation with all our teams. Our low staff turnover is proof of the commitment and dedication of our employees, in all professions and at all levels of qualification. 

4. A process-oriented approach

The implementation of processes guarantees constant quality, while an analysis of the results enables a commitment to continuous improvement. An understanding of the correlating mechanisms between processes is deployed in a systemic approach

In our sector of activity, European regulations place particular emphasis on processes. We rely on particularly strict specifications to guarantee our customers the best cosmetic ingredients. Our ISO 9001 certification is part of our corporate culture and has been a key success factor since Sophim was launched in 1996. 

5. A drive for improvement

Maintaining performance is based on a constant desire for improvement. ISO 9001 certified companies approach each variation in the internal or external context as the creation of opportunities. Monitoring and detailed analysis of processes, involving employees at all levels of the value chain, enable preventive or corrective actions to be implemented. Innovation is essential in order to keep pace with market developments and to anticipate customer expectations.

Sophim is committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Our company is renowned for its new generation cosmetic ingredients, such as plant squalane (PHYTOSQUALAN) or BIOPHYTOSEBUM, an active emollient of plant origin which offers an alternative to volatile silicones.

6. Evidence-based decision-making

Quality management is based on objective decisions, based on factual information. An analysis of the data and information provided informs the decisions and helps to achieve the desired objectives and results.

Our decisions are always made in the light of the information and data provided by our studies, our employees, our suppliers, our customers and our partners. In this way, we adjust our strategic choices and actions based on the various sources available to us. Our decisions are always scrutinised in the light of our values, respect for the environment and the promotion of green and responsible chemistry.

7. Relationships management

Quality improvement also relies on the involvement of other stakeholders in a company’s and organisation’s activities. Suppliers and service providers, in particular, play an active role in performance.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we build strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers. We work on a long-term basis and develop innovative upcycling solutions to secure our supplies, to reduce our impact on ecosystems and to meet the requirements of our specifications.

3. Choose an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients!

Sophim designs and manufactures high quality natural cosmetic ingredients. Our company is committed to protecting the planet, with products designed and produced to have a low environmental impact. We have developed plant-based alternatives to essential cosmetic ingredients, such as emollients and texture agents. Part of our catalogue is COSMOS certified, and we offer cosmetic vegetable oils from organic farming.

Do you have any questions? You can contact your usual contact at Sophim, call us at (+33)4 92 33 17 17, or send us a message online.

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