A rich and emollient oil, olive oil nourishes the skin and regulates its natural hydration system.
Olive oil softens the skin deeply and tones and revitalises it.
Olive oil can be used in make-up remover formulas.
It soothes redness and irritation; very soft, it is perfectly tolerated by the most sensitive skins.
It nourishes the hair, brings it its brilliance, and in parallel it soothes the scalp.
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The main production areas are situated logically around the Mediterranean, with Spain being the world’s largest producer and consumer.

Once the olives are picked, they pass to the mill where they are washed, and the leaves and stems removed. The olives are then crushed whole, and the resulting pulp is placed in a decanter to separate the liquid phase from the solid phase (called pomace). The resulting liquid, consisting of oil and water, is then centrifuged to separate the oil from the water and the last solid residues.

Full of essential fatty acids, antioxidant polyphenols and vitamins, the olive has powerful nourishing and regenerating powers.