Active emollient from Olive with dry feel

Biophytosebum® is a unique emollient for personal care and beauty products. 100% vegetable origin, it is composed of unsaponifiables and wax-esters obtained from olive oil free fatty acids and esterified fatty acids. Very easy to use in the oily phase of the formulation, it offers non-greasy feel, easy spreading and penetrating, moisturizing and nourishing properties for skin.

Eco-certified alternative to volatile silicones

INCI name : Decyl Olive Oil Esters (and) Squalene

Organic certified Biophytosebum (certification by Ecocert Greenlife)

The benefits of olive oil unsaponifiables in cosmetics

Olive oil has always been used for skin care. By a patented process, Sophim transforms the long-chain triglycerides of the oil into low molecular weight liquid wax-esters that give a dry and light feel. In addition the unsaponifiable fraction is concentrated and purified in order to get more active components (phytosterols, tocopherols, carotenes, triterpenic alcohols, etc) that will restore the lipidic layer and the intercellular cement of the stratrum corneum.

Properties of Biophytosebum®

Emollient that restores the suppleness of the epidermis
Long-lasting moisturizer derived from Olive
Active oil with high content in unsaponifiables and essential fatty acids
Easy spreadability and quick penetration into the skin
Smooth carrier for active ingredients
Gives dry and velvety after-feel with “cushion effect”
Clear, transparent and deodorized.
Vegetable alternative to volatile silicones.


Skin Care creams
Body oils, massage oils
Make up with care effects
Hair and scalp lotions
Sun and after-sun products
Depilatory, shaving and deodorant applications

Biophytosebum® is non-comedogenic, non-irritant, totally compatible with skin where squalene and esters are major components of the unhydrolysed surface lipids.