Extra Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, the hydro-alcoholic moisturizing gel

squalane olive

Marked by the emergence of the Covid-19, the year 2020 saw the development of new hygiene rituals. Hand washing with hydro-alcoholic gel became essential: as we mentioned in our article on basic trends in cosmetics, nearly 6 out of 10 consumers use a disinfectant product (wipes, spray, gel). However, these products, which became a precious help in ensuring preventive gestures, also dry out and attack the skin.
Extra Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer meets the health requirements. But this formula gives you much more than just a hydroalcoholic gel. The gel contains 2% PHYTOSQUALAN, a product of plant origin with recognized emollient properties. This squalane, from olives, moisturizes the epidermis and helps to make the superficial layers of your skin softer, smoother and more supple.
This formula, with a perfect balance between hygiene and comfort, brings a unique sensorial experience transforming a hygienic gesture into a genuine ritual of well-being and beauty for hands.

My Softness Journey, the solid and nomadic moisturizing stick

My softness journey

Solid cosmetics are part of a fundamental trend, reducing packaging, reducing the use of additives and optimizing logistics and transport.
What if the moisturizer for body and face could be slipped into a pocket or bag, to be used at any time? What if it came in a solid format, while offering a sensorial experience and texture that provides an inimitable sense of well-being? This was the challenge taken up by My Softness Journey, whose formula enhances our Vegeline 65 ingredient, a Vaseline-free vegetable emollient.
The packaging proposed for My Softness Journey is resolutely practical and nomadic. The retractable stick allows for quick application and even distribution. A thin and uniform layer is applied to the skin, avoiding possible waste due to incorrect use of the product. Since there is no need to spread the cream with your hands, this moisturizing stick contributes to a better respect of preventive gestures.

Your Botanical Cleansing Oil, the customizable make-up removal oil

Personalization is one of the basic trends in cosmetics. Consumers are looking for products that resemble them, and that fit into a routine in which beauty and well-being echo other aspirations. A make-up remover oil must therefore resonate with increasingly asserted values, while taking into account ever stronger particularities. Every woman (and every man) is unique, and wants a cosmetic that reflects their image.
Your Botanical Cleansing Oil is much more than just a make-up remover oil. This formula proposal allows formulators to design a customizable product that meets the needs of all their customers. The cleansing oil is proposed here with an organic hemp oil base, whose moisturizing and sensorial properties are well known and are compatible with all skin types.
However, organic hemp oil made in France can be replaced by other vegetable oils. Would you like to develop a make-up remover oil for mature skin? Choose organic raspberry oil, also of French origin! Would you like to offer a genderless cosmetic product for a guaranteed “healthy glow” effect? Organic cucumber oil will be a natural addition to your formula.

Ultimate Pillow Night Cream, a rich night cream with a light texture

sophim creme

Our cosmetic ingredients invite themselves into the lives of millions of women and men every day, and also accompany them at night! Beauty routines cannot do without night creams, which deeply moisturize and nourish the skin.
Ultimate Pillow Night Cream offers the perfect balance of intense moisturizing, a rich formula and a soft, light texture. Moisturizing the skin deep down, it offers a unique sensorial experience and an exceptional lightness, close to that of a pillow feather.
This formula uses two emollients and a natural wax of vegetable origin produced by Sophim. PHYTOSQUALAN, BIOPHYTOSEBUM and PHYTOWAX provide suppleness, softness and elasticity to the epidermis, while giving the cream a non-greasy feel for easy application and a pleasant sensation on the skin. Six approved or COSMOS certified vegetable oils are also included in this formula for a night cream that takes care of all your customers while preserving the environment.

Know-how at the service of all your customers

Our cosmetic formulas demonstrate our know-how and offer concrete applications of our cosmetic ingredients.
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