phytowax cosmetic natural waxes - Sophim

SOPHIM offers PHYTOWAX in a complete range of natural waxes, covering a scale of extended melting points from 28°C to 73°C, allowing their incorporation into a multitude of cosmetic applications.
PHYTOWAX is a unique ingredient with recognised emollient properties and is much less occlusive than most waxes on the cosmetics market. Enhancing the rapid penetration of the formula, these non-greasy emollient waxes offer a very easy spread and a unique touch.

Phytowax natural cosmetic waxes - Sophim
  • Origin: plant, Olive
  • Dosage recommendation: 3 to 10%
  • Solubility: Liposoluble
  • Storage conditions: at room temperature (<25°C), in a dry place away from any source of light and heat
  • Packaging: 25Kg
  • BIO versions available
  • COSMOS approved
  • COSMOS certified
  • Approved by China
  • Grades available : 10L40, 16L55, 18L57, 22L73

The PHYTOWAX, range is recommended in face care and body care applications for its emollient properties and unique sensory properties, as well as in hair care applications for texture and consistency, silky and velvety, and in make-up applications, to enhance the texture, consistency and creaminess of the formulas.