As a moisturiser, Jojoba oil can be used for oily skin as well as dry, very dry and dehydrated skin, because of its ability to regulate and maintain a perfect balance.
It can also be used on combination and sensitive skin, and is one of the vegetable oils that are suitable for children and babies. Jojoba oil has a nourishing, protective, re-balancing and softening action. Its regenerating properties and its invigorating action make it an excellent anti-aging oil.
The jojoba oil has the property of penetrating very quickly into the skin and not leaving a greasy film, it is therefore particularly pleasant to use.
On the oily skin and hair, it plays a role in regulating the secretion of sebum.
In the same way, it can be applied as a hair mask on oily hair; but it also restores vitality, suppleness and shine to dry hair.
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Jojoba was nicknamed “Inca Gold” and was used by the Central American Indians as a cure for the drying effects of their skin due to the harshness of the desert climate. It has always been cultivated for its oil.

The oil makes up approximately 50% of the jojoba seed by weight. Jojoba oil has a distinctive feature: its composition is very similar to that of sebum produced by the human body. It is therefore essential in Natural Cosmetics. Rich in fatty acids, jojoba oil also contains unsaponifiables, which protect the skin and fight against aging.

Unrefined jojoba oil is, at room temperature, a transparent yellow-gold liquid, with a slight smell of fat. Refined jojoba oil is colourless and odourless. Its melting point is about 10°C. Jojoba oil is relatively stable compared to other vegetable oils.