Well-ageing cosmetics through the lens of body positivity

The body positivity movement encourages acceptance and appreciation of all types of human bodies and teaches everyone to accept and view the natural effects of ageing with a kind eye. Cosmetic brands are now adopting a positive approach to ageing, emphasizing pro-ageing and skin longevity. Having long approached age as a shameful problem to be fought at all costs, cosmetic brands today seek to prevent and accompany ageing to smooth and limit its effects. The refusal to age has been replaced by the desire to age well!

Care to contribute to increased skin longevity

To mitigate and accompany the effects of ageing, cosmetic brands highlight new modes of action at the crossroads of beauty and well-being. Inflammageing, a process where chronic cell inflammation accelerates skin ageing, is targeted by formulations combining anti-inflammatory and antioxidant active ingredients.

The fight against inflammageing also relies on active ingredients that protect the skin against external aggressions, notably by restoring the hydrolipidic film that protects the epidermis from pollution, dust, climatic conditions, UV rays…

Sophim supports you in formulating protective anti-ageing care with Phytosqualan, a derivative of olive-based squalene. Phytosqualan helps reduce transepidermal water loss, supports lipid barrier restoration, and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Non-comedogenic, it allows better skin respiration. Phytosqualan naturally integrates into your formulations for mature skin.

Sensoriality at the heart of the well-ageing beauty routine

Applying well-ageing care is fully integrated into a beauty routine that, far from being a simple task to be done day after day, is perceived by the majority of women and men as a privileged moment and a real bubble of softness in an ever more demanding daily life. Easy and quick to apply, cosmetic products adopt light, non-greasy, and easily absorbable textures. More than a banal gesture, taking care of oneself turns into a ritual eagerly awaited day after day.

Phytosqualan offers an optimal feeling of softness without greasy residue for comfortable use throughout the day. Its rapid penetration ability guarantees immediate hydration without weighing down the skin, leaving a feeling of lightness and freshness. Other ingredients in our portfolio with sensory qualities allow brands to offer cosmetic products with soft and light textures. Vegeline, for example, offers an alternative to petroleum jelly and has an emollient effect and high moisturizing power. Phytowax is a range of vegetable-origin ester waxes with unique sensoriality.

Innovation serving more natural cosmetics

Well-being and positivity also involve the use of effective, healthy, and natural cosmetic products.

Scrutinized cosmetic ingredients

Consumers are increasingly sensitive to the quality and natural origin of ingredients in their skincare products. Peptides, for example, offer a wide range of benefits for the skin with plumping and protective effects that make them key active ingredients in new cosmetic formulas. In the United Kingdom, nearly one in ten consumers actively seek the presence of peptides when choosing well-ageing facial care.

Plant-based ingredients such as glycerin, retinol, and natural alternatives to petroleum jelly are particularly appreciated for their benefits and their healthy and natural character.

Phytosqualan, biocompatible and obtained from olive squalene, perfectly meets this demand.

Anti-ageing care with proven effectiveness

Consumers expect cosmetic products with proven effectiveness through scientific studies and clearly explained mechanisms of action.

The advantages of ingredients and cosmetic products must be supported by scientific studies, and the mechanisms of action must be clearly explained. A beneficial effect against skin ageing is, for example, justified by an antioxidant action that limits the formation of free radicals. The goal is twofold: to reassure and convince.

Well and Anti-ageing cosmetic products must be effective without irritating the epidermis. In the United States, nearly one in three consumers considers the mention “safe for sensitive skin” as synonymous with quality.

At Sophim, we conduct comprehensive studies to evaluate the effectiveness and sensoriality of the cosmetic ingredients we develop, and we also communicate on the mechanisms at play to support brands in creating cosmetic products with proven beneficial effects.

A careful narrative and meaningful cosmetics

Cosmetic products must embody a certain idea of beauty and well-being while conveying strong values.

At Sophim, we develop a range of natural-origin ingredients:

Cosmos Organic certification guarantees you natural ingredients usable in organic cosmetic products. You can also integrate our 100% natural and plant-based ingredients into Vegan-labeled cosmetic products that are meaningful to an animal-sensitive clientele. All our products are Halal certified for more inclusive cosmetics that respect everyone’s beliefs. Discover our commitments.

Beyond the choice of our raw materials, we also pay particular attention to our production methods by favoring more environmentally friendly sourcing through upcycling. Phytosqualan is notably derived from a co-product obtained during the olive oil extraction process and valued by Sophim.

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