1. Relieve tension after a workout or a long day

Our feet accompany us in all our activities at home, work, or leisure and sporting activities. But do we take sufficient care of them? Skin can become dry and rough, and calluses or cracks can appear, leading to pain, tension, or fatigue.

Footlose deeply moisturizes your skin. The ingredients in our formulation also restore the lipid barrier for long-lasting protection against external aggressors and dryness.

Designed for sportsmen and women, the Footlose formulation will also appeal to your customers looking for a foot beauty and well-being routine after a long day at work.


2. A holistic approach and a wellness alibi to be adopted without moderation

In addition to its skin-repairing and soothing properties, a beauty routine is a welcome moment of relaxation on an often-busy day.

Footlose offers everyone a welcome break. The experience counts as much as the result and offers its benefits. Sensation is at the heart of this formulation: a powdery effect, a sensation of freshness, and a lavender fragrance awaken all the senses!

Apply the product, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and enjoy long minutes of calm and relaxation: our moisturizing mask is part of a holistic approach. It soothes as much as it cares for the epidermis of your feet.

3. A pioneer for our cosmetic ingredients

The Footlose moisturizing mask is formulated with 19% of ingredients produced and marketed by Sophim (over 56% excluding water):

  • Biophytosebum (5%): this active emollient of plant origin restores the skin’s lipid barrier, prevents water loss, restores suppleness, and provides long-lasting hydration;
  • Phytowax (5%): this natural emollient wax is appreciated for the sensation it provides through  texture and a silky, velvety effect;
  • Cosmetic hemp oil (4%): this cosmetic oil is renowned for its refreshing and revitalizing effects;
  • Phytosqualan (3%): this plant-derived squalane, extracted from the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil, is an emollient renowned for its sensorial qualities and ability to restore the lipid barrier;
  • Shea butter (2%): this cosmetic butter has nourishing, softening, firming and emollient properties;
  • SkinFeel TOCO 70 NON-GMO (0.1%): composed of sunflower oil and vitamin E, this ingredient is appreciated for its antioxidant properties.

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4. A committed formulation, respectful of your health and the environment

Businesses, citizens, and we all have a role in caring for nature.

Sophim produces and markets environmentally friendly plant-based cosmetic ingredients.

The footlose moisturizing mask is made with 99.2% ingredients of natural origin and is COSMOS-certified.

Several ingredients are available in organic versions for an even stronger commitment to eco-responsibility.

The formulation can be awarded a Vegan cosmetics label, which confirms that it contains no products of animal origin.

5. A beauty ritual designed for sportsmen and women

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are approaching, and sport occupies an important place among your customers. To meet the growing demand for beauty products designed to accompany sporting activity, we have developed 4 formulas that exploit the qualities and assets of our cosmetic ingredients:


  • Hotstuff, a heating stick;
  • Frozen, a soap with a refreshing effect;
  • Footlose, a moisturizing foot mask;
  • Bliss, a massage oil


These demonstrators are part of a beauty and well-being ritual and underline the essential role played by ingredients of natural origin in an ever more committed cosmetics industry, close to the concerns of our societies.

6. Sophim, your supplier of cosmetic ingredients

Sophim develops innovative cosmetic solutions for committed cosmetics and offers a wide range of COSMOS-certified products.

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